The Power of Perspective at Davos

Marsh McLennan @ Davos | Jan 15-19, 2024

World Economic Forum Meeting
Rebuilding Trust

World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2024 will convene leaders from government, business, and civil society to address the state of the world and discuss priorities for the year ahead. This year’s theme, Rebuilding Trust, aims to provide the crucial space to step back and focus on the fundamental principles driving trust, including transparency, consistency and accountability.

Leaders from across our global businesses will be on the ground participating in public and private Marsh McLennan-led events to advance conversations to help clients and communities find clarity in an uncertain world and expand what is possible - for our health, our climate, our economy, and our work. Together, we can shape a more resilient future.


John Doyle, President & CEO, Marsh McLennan:
“Moving forward in an uncertain world requires confidence and trust. Through the power of perspective, we help clients and communities uncover new opportunities to thrive with expertise and capabilities spanning risk, strategy and people.”
Solutions and capabilities
How Marsh McLennan helps clients

Transform your workforce through generative AI


Generative AI is reshaping work, the workforce and the HR function. Organizations have a real opportunity to use AI to reinvent work and transform the work experience. Embracing generative AI through experimentation and learning offers considerable advantages, including higher efficiency, increased productivity and an improved customer experience.

Deep dive into the rise and influence of AI in the HR function by joining our exclusive Generative AI Forum. Stay ahead of the game by connecting with peers across multiple industries and learning from Mercer experts who are leaders in digital strategy, transformation, HR technology, vendor selection and generative AI.

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Reinvent your operating model with a focus on skills


Mercer helps organizations reinvent work for greater agility, sustainability and impact. We support companies across all industries to realize exponential gains in performance by assisting them in identifying the crucial skills they need to achieve their business objectives, deploying AI and automation to maximum advantage, and building talent platforms to create the flexibility to meet evolving market demands.

We can help you become more skills-focused and future-ready. Learn how we help organizations redesign their operating models to thoughtfully incorporate AI while shifting to skills-based approaches that enable the seamless deployment of talent to work.

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Optimize your investment portfolios

Mercer Investments

Balancing investor risks, returns and reputational requirements, has become an increasingly complex challenge. Investors need to be in a position to make efficient decisions. They therefore need access to the right expertise and resources. That’s why many investors are looking externally for strategic portfolio management advice, access to manager research and support with asset allocation and day-to-day operations.

Investors are using Mercer’s outsourced investment solutions to address cost pressures, operational inefficiencies, resource constraints, regulatory changes, manager sourcing, accessing private market opportunities and impact investing, and integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into portfolios,.

We offer research, financial tools and investment solutions to help you achieve your investment goals. Consider us your outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO). Working as an extension of your team, we address issues such as investment governance and due diligence. We also cover risk mitigation, sustainability, alternative investments, and cost management. We flex our services to suit your requirements and determine the best way to future-proof your portfolio.

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Simplify global benefits program management

Mercer Marsh Benefits

As employers expand their operations globally, they need to consider the scope and level of benefits they provide for increasingly diverse and mobile workforces. This includes understanding the range of health and well-being risks in each location and their impact on employee productivity and engagement. Global benefits management offers multinational organizations an effective way to manage insured employee benefits worldwide for all their employees.

Global or regional arrangements offer visibility, control, and cost savings and ensure consistency in governance while delivering solutions based on local country needs. We can help you design, build, finance, automate and manage your global or regional program to attract and keep top talent, meeting where you are on your journey, and bringing vertical sector expertise and benchmarking, local insights from 150+ countries, new ideas and new ways of working. Mercer Marsh Benefits helps unlock a simpler way to manage your programs globally and regionally to deliver benefits that truly benefit.

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Improve employee wellbeing and business resilience

Mercer Marsh Benefits

The future of work depends on healthy, focused employees, while employee health and well-being influences productivity, safety, business continuity, employer brand, organizational performance and benefit costs.

Organizations need to keep costs to a minimum and protect the bottom line, while also meeting changing regulations, managing complex risk exposures, and simplifying program administration. Organizations also want to invest in their people — attract and retain the best talent and give employees benefits that truly benefit themselves and loved ones. We understand the importance of balancing both.

Workplace well-being programs are effective tools in improving employee productivity, health and well-being. Mercer Marsh Benefits helps organizations with access to high-quality, accessible and affordable health care, and the use of digital health to engage employees in a more personalized, social and convenient way. Mercer Marsh Benefits can help you understand how health impacts your employees and your business, and build a roadmap with transformative solutions using proven methodologies and analytical tools.

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Identify, monitor and anticipate emerging credit risks

Oliver Wyman and Dow Jones

Harnessing state-of-the-art AI and natural language processing developed by Oliver Wyman, this unique, predictive solution analyzes thousands of global news sources in Factiva to identify indicators of emerging risks, such as financial distress and operational disruption as well as liquidity and fraud concerns. These signals surface in news media up to three months before major risk events, serving as a transparent and accurate early warning system for corporate credit risk.

Factiva Sentiment Signals enables organizations to monitor, anticipate and mitigate unprecedented credit events before they disrupt business operations and create adverse financial impact. An intuitive, easy-to-use application, Factiva Sentiment Signals provides ranked daily scoring and data visualizations showcasing patterns, trends and market shifts over time. Interactive charts link to the underlying news articles in Factiva’s unrivaled global collection, providing complete transparency and unique explainability of the relevant themes emerging in the news. Signals are captured from thousands of licensed news sources covering over 300,000 private and public companies.

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Measure, monitor and manage carbon emissions

Oliver Wyman

Science-based targets and new regulatory reporting requirements are making emissions disclosure mandatory, presenting a fresh challenge for business leaders. Calculating and declaring emissions is a legal duty and requires a strategy for how to grow your business while reducing emissions.

Oliver Wyman’s 3D Carbon Accounting team delivers emissions reporting to leaders in sustainability. As one of the world’s leading strategy consultancies, we can help you deliver your decarbonization programs, validate your science-based target initiative (SBTi) goals and prepare you for upcoming regulatory disclosures. We employ a rigorous process to establish or validate a baseline for your Scope 3 emissions. Using our dynamic tool and drawing on our deep regulatory and industry expertise, we work together to enable your company to meet its reporting obligations and model future emissions and abatement scenarios to help deliver your targets.

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Build a robust sustainable investment strategy


Mercer can help you build or optimize a sustainable investment strategy that aims to help you navigate tomorrow's challenges and regulatory changes. Drawing on two decades of experience, our global team looks at progress against peers, identifies potential changes to asset allocation and assesses your portfolio's capacity to transition, delivering research, advice, tools and solutions to help you manage your risk profile while seeking favourable returns along your journey. We will produce annual progress reports on emissions, alongside carbon intensity reports.

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Mitigate the risk of cyberattacks through cyber insurance


The construction industry faces an increasing risk of cyberattacks as it becomes more digitalized. A report by the National Cyber Security Centre and the Chartered Institute of Building highlights that construction businesses are seen as easy targets by cyber criminals, with smaller companies reluctant to invest in cybersecurity measures. Spear phishing attacks, which target construction businesses due to their extensive use of subcontractors and suppliers, are also rising.

Because of these increasing risks, the demand for cyber insurance has increased, but there is still a lack of understanding about its value and the process for securing coverage. Marsh addresses some of the most common myths in cyber insurance.

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Counter the catastrophic risks of climate change

Guy Carpenter

Climate change is increasingly influencing the frequency and severity of natural catastrophe perils, with physical climate risk creating acute and chronic threats. At the same time, the shift to a less-polluting, lower-carbon economy is spawning multiple transition risks.

Guy Carpenter brings you an integrated range of services designed to address multiple facets of physical risks related to climate change while leveraging the power of other Marsh McLennan businesses to tackle even more aspects of risk.

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On the ground and online
Marsh McLennan events at Davos

Marsh McLennan helps clients and communities bring clarity to their view of present and future risks and opportunities. See how the power of perspective creates the vision and confidence to act and thrive in an uncertain world.

Our series of events at Davos are designed to spark discussion and action on a range of issues facing business leaders in today's uncertain world, including the impact of artificial intelligence on the future of work, the state of the global financial system, addressing health services gaps through financing and technology, accelerating nature-positive policies for cities, mitigating climate-related health-risk and reimagining work, retirement and society in an ageing world. 

Monday, January 15

LinkedIn Live: Tapping AI's Power to Optimize our Working World

Panelists: Ravin Jesuthasan and Ana Kreacic 

A new day has dawned, and generative AI is transforming rapidly how employers and individuals navigate the workplace every day. For some this means reimagining work so that organizations can run more efficiently, and for others it means reflecting on how generative AI can augment human creativity, critical thinking, and empathy.

As world leaders convene in Davos, we invite you inside the walls of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting to hear from our experts on one of the most pressing issues facing modern organizations. Join our LIVE broadcast from Davos as we explore the steps leading-edge companies can take to realize an optimized working world where human performance is elevated and amplified through the thoughtful and targeted use of artificial intelligence.

Tuesday, January 16

Future of Work: Tapping AI’s power to optimize our working world

Hosted by Mercer and Oliver Wyman, this discussion will explore steps leading-edge companies take toward realizing a vision of an optimized working world where human performance is elevated and amplified through the thoughtful and targeted use of artificial intelligence.​

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Financial Services: Exploring the state of the global financial system  

Hosted by Oliver Wyman, this discussion will examine the state of the global financial system. We will uncover opportunities for global leaders, how investors are adjusting portfolios, the impact of new technologies, the role of regulation and how we see the financial sector evolving.

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Wednesday, January 17

Health: Breaking barriers to health access bit by byte

Hosted by Mercer Marsh Benefits, this discussion will investigate the need for sustainable and inclusive healthcare financing models in the face of new challenges and explore the pivotal role of digital innovation and what organizations are doing to shape a future where healthcare is accessible and affordable for all.

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Nature and Cities: Accelerating nature-positive policies for cities       

Hosted by Oliver Wyman, this discussion will explore policies to advance nature-positive capital and the roles of regulators, policymakers, municipalities and cities, and the private sector. We will share experiences and key learnings from cities already implementing nature-positive policies.

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Longevity: Reimagining Work, Retirement and Society

In this World Economic Forum Affiliate Session, hosted by Mercer, will explore how organizations can continue to thrive as workforce demographics change due to population aging, including redefining retirement, evolving jobs and skill-building, and supporting employees to be financially resilient, longer.​

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LinkedIn Live: Breaking barriers to health access bit by byte

Panelists: Joan Collar, Amy Laverock, Ricardo De Almeida, Danielle Guzman

Embracing digital solutions, along with financially sustainable approaches, is no longer just a choice but a necessity. Together we can help shape a world where healthcare is more accessible and affordable for all. Join us for a lively discussion as we explore how tech and financing can create sustainable paths to healthcare that truly benefits all.

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Thursday, January 18

Strategies to Mitigate Climate-Related Health Risk       

In this World Economic Forum Affiliate Session, hosted by Oliver Wyman, the panel will delve into the critical intersection of climate and health and focus on the development of robust mitigation strategies to address anticipated climate-related risks to human health. Experts will explore innovative approaches and solutions - including private sector incentivization - to safeguard communities against the health impacts of climate change, ensuring a healthier and more resilient future for all.

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LinkedIn Live: Reimagining Work, Retirement & Society

Panelists: Philip Parkinson, CFA, Cara Williams and Graham Pearce

An aging global population poses unique challenges to employers, communities and individuals. How can we redefine retirement, evolve jobs and skill-building, and better support individuals’ financial resilience through longer lives?

In our WEF24 LinkedIn Live, we’re bringing the themes and discussions from Davos directly to you with a wide-ranging discussion on the future of retirement around the world. From state-run pension systems to new investment strategies to reimagined career paths, discover the most innovative strategies and emerging themes as global organizations grapple with shifting demographics and multigenerational workforces in the years to come. 

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Ukraine House Panel Sponsored by MMC: Enabling Recovery and Reconstruction: Investment Opportunities and Risk Insurance


  • John Doyle, CEO, Marsh McLennan
  • Rostyslav Shurma, Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine
  • Matteo Patrone, Managing Director, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus (EEC), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development  
  •  Julie Monaco, Global Head, Public Sector Group, Citi
  • Andy Hunder, President, American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine (moderator)

A vivid example of Ukraine’s economic recovery starting now is the country having regained 4,5% of its GDP in terms of growth, amidst a war. Showing unprecedented economic resilience, Ukraine remains open for business, and with the support of its international partners enlarges its investment framework and creates access to insurance solutions. The panel will explore how existing and new possibilities will help build a better Ukraine, fueled by real investments and real returns, and keys to unlocking such investments.

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These events are run on an invite-only basis, however if your organization is attending Davos and is interested in being a part of these conversations or your delegation would like to meet with ours, please register your interest here.

Intellectual capital
Featured Report
Global Risks Report 2024

The report outlines the major risks the world will be facing in the coming years and anticipates a future characterized by an almost inconceivable degree of change.

Global Risks Report 2024

The report outlines the major risks the world will be facing in the coming years and anticipates a future characterized by an almost inconceivable degree of change.

Thought leadership
Insights driving conversations around our themes

Explore some of the latest reports and insights developed by our experts around the world to help drive critical conversations around work, climate, society and the economy.


Global Risks Report 2024

The top risks for 2024 and beyond.


6 principles to navigate the longevity economy

We share a holistic framework for governments and employers to enable a financially resilient future for an aging world.


New Focus on Climate and Health

An in-depth economic analysis of how climate change and climate-related disasters will reshape health landscapes over the next two decades.


Generative AI is transforming Business and Society

To reap the benefits of generative AI, companies should embrace a people-first approach.


Climate risks for employees

Businesses that don’t address the impacts of climate change on their people could be at risk.


Climate-led Healthcare Crisis

Climate change is causing an urgent healthcare crisis. We explore impacts, policies and actions.


The Human + GenAI Advantage

A Chief People Officer's guide to GenAI, and how coupled with a human can deliver real advantage.


Mercer CFA Institute Global Pension Index

An analysis of the challenges and potential opportunities in 47 retirement income systems around the world.


Skills-powered Organizations

Skills have transcended traditional CVs and job descriptions to become the cornerstone of business.


Health on Demand 2023

More than 17,000 employees, across varying sectors and levels, share their workforce priorities.


Spurring Climate Investment

World Economic Forum and Oliver Wyman explore ways the public sector can spur climate investments.


Health Crisis Requires Action

The most vulnerable populations, who contribute least to climate change, are suffering the most.


Understanding Longevity Literacy

Businesses, government, and individuals must rethink their approach to planning for later life.


Women in Government

Female leaders remove legal barriers to female workforce participation and increase WBL index scores.

Our Leadership and Experts 
John Q. Doyle
President & Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Doyle is President and CEO of Marsh McLennan. Previously, Mr. Doyle served as Group President and Chief Operating Officer, responsible for the strategy and operational objectives of Marsh McLennan’s four global businesses. He joined the firm in 2016 as President of Marsh, then led Marsh as President and CEO from 2017 to 2021. An industry veteran with more than 35 years of management experience, Mr. Doyle began his career at AIG, where he held several executive positions. He is a member of the Board of the New York Police and Fire Widows’ and Children’s Benefit Fund, a Trustee of the Inner-City Scholarship Fund and a member of the Board of Overseers of the Maurice R. Greenberg School of Risk Management, Insurance and Actuarial Science at St. John’s University. Mr. Doyle serves as the Chairman of the US Federal Advisory Committee on Insurance.

Back to leaders.

Martine Ferland
Chief Executive Officer, Mercer
Ms. Ferland is Chief Executive Officer of Mercer, a role she assumed in March 2019. She also serves as Vice Chair of Marsh McLennan. Previously, she was Mercer’s Group President, responsible for leading the firm’s regions and Global Business Solutions. She joined Mercer in 2011 as Retirement Business Leader for the Europe and Pacific region, and has served as Europe and Pacific Region President and Co-President, Global Health. Ms. Ferland began her career as a pension actuary and consultant at Willis Towers Watson, where she spent 25 years and held various leadership positions in Montreal and New York. Ms. Ferland is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries.
Nick Studer
President and CEO of Oliver Wyman Group
Nick has over 20 years of experience consulting in the UK, Continental Europe and North America. He has worked with chief executives and other senior leaders of the world's top companies on topics spanning governance, strategy, financial planning, risk management and public policy and regulatory response. Nick has advised senior government leaders and policy makers on topics of industry competitiveness and stability, and supported the World Economic Forum on the Role of Financial Services in Society. He has co-authored many articles and studies, including support for Her Majesty's Treasury in proposing a 10-year vision for the Global Competitiveness of the UK's Financial Services Industry; and several projects leading the global debate on compensation. Nick was a founding Director of TheCityUK and a founding advisory board member of the FICC Markets Standards Board.
Katherine J. Brennan
Senior Vice President & General Counsel
Ms. Brennan leads Marsh McLennan’s global legal, compliance and public affairs function, which supports the Company’s four businesses, Marsh, Guy Carpenter, Mercer and Oliver Wyman. She also leads the Company’s ESG efforts. Ms. Brennan has held several legal and compliance leadership roles at Marsh McLennan, serving most recently as General Counsel, Marsh LLC. She also served as Deputy General Counsel, Corporate Secretary and Chief Compliance Officer for Marsh McLennan from 2017 to 2021, and prior to that, as General Counsel of Guy Carpenter. Ms. Brennan currently serves on the Board of the Red Cross of Greater New York.
Amy Barnes
Head of Climate and Sustainability Strategy
Amy leads our global Climate Change and Sustainability strategy. Prior to this Amy held a number of leadership roles with Marsh’s Global Energy, Power & Renewables business. Amy has a respected depth and breadth of experience assisting some of the largest and most complex companies manage risks. This experience enables Amy to have a deep understanding of a wide range of clients’ risk management approaches and can offer a number of perspectives to insurance and risk management discussions.
Cara Williams
Senior Partner, Global Head of ESG and Sustainability
Cara leads the program of work to articulate and amplify Mercer’s ESG value proposition and positioning, embed sustainability in the journey to a bright future, and drive highly-practical, relevant and value-added outcomes both internally and externally. Cara oversees Mercer’s Private Wealth businesses in Canada and India, and also works with Mercer’s multinational clients to deliver the best of Mercer’s broad Wealth solutions to assure positive financial outcomes for organizations and their employees. Cara is Senior Partner and presents regularly on global ESG, sustainability, diversity and investment trends.
Ravin Jesuthasan
Global Leader for Transformation Services, Mercer
Ravin is a recognized global thought leader and industry shaper with a deep understanding of the future of work, human capital and workforce transformation. He has nearly 30 years in the HR consulting industry. His experience includes leading large-scale restructuring and transformation engagements for multinational companies. Ravin is a regular participant and presenter at the World Economic Forum’s annual meetings and is a member of the forum’s Steering Committee on Work and Employment.
Ted Moynihan
Global Head of Industries, Oliver Wyman
Ted is a Partner and Global Head of Financial Services. Prior to this, Ted led Oliver Wyman Financial Services in Europe and served as the Global Head of the Corporate & Institutional Banking Practice. Ted's background is in mathematics and control engineering, which was his specialty for a number of years before joining Oliver Wyman. Ted has concentrated on investment banking strategy, and in recent years has led several bank-wide initiatives for global bulge firms, looking at strategic opportunities across all business lines and reporting regularly directly to the executive committees on a range of issues.
John Romeo
Managing Partner, Head of the Oliver Wyman Forum
John is a Managing Partner at Oliver Wyman and Head of the Oliver Wyman Forum, the firm’s platform for engaging key business, public policy and societal leaders to act on shared challenges and create positive impact in society. John also founded and continues to lead Oliver Wyman’s Private Capital business, working with leading Private Equity funds and alternative asset managers on business model strategy, deal generation, diligence and value creation. He has over 25 years of consulting experience advising the boards and senior executives of the world’s leading private and public sector organizations on strategy, organizational effectiveness, risk management and M&A.
Hervé Balzano
President, Health & Benefits at Mercer and Marsh
Hervé is the global leader of Mercer and Marsh’s Health & Benefits practice, with extensive experience in financing health and risk protection through insurance, reinsurance and professional services. As a strong advocate for innovation and value creation, he prioritized the adoption of digital services throughout the pandemic, including mental health access, and has spearheaded record-breaking responses in creating services to address clients’ needs during crisis and conflicts. Hervé has a track record of disrupting the health & benefits space, with a focus on collaboration across the ecosystem. He is proud of the work that Marsh McLennan does to assure health coverage and other financial protections for millions of employees across 144 countries and in being able to make a difference in people’s lives.
Rich Nuzum
Executive Director, Investments, Mercer
Rich is Executive Director, Investments and Global Chief Investment Strategist for Mercer. He works with some of Mercer’s largest, most sophisticated clients and is accountable for Mercer’s “innovation agenda,” including the creation and development of thought leadership and related products and services across the firm. Over the last 30+ years, Rich has provided investment advice to clients in more than 20 countries, including many of the world’s largest institutional investors. He has also led social security and other long term savings reform projects in five countries and one US state. Rich has led Mercer’s work in several projects with the World Economic Forum, including work related to transformational investment, and to the longevity economy.
Ana Kreacic
Chief Knowledge Officer, Oliver Wyman
Ana Kreacic is a Partner and Chief Knowledge Officer of Oliver Wyman and the Chief Operating Officer of the Oliver Wyman Forum – the hub for Oliver Wyman’s flagship research and a platform for engaging business, public policy, and societal leaders to act on shared challenges.
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