Building cyber resilience helps to facilitate future innovation and prosperity in today’s deeply connected society. That is why we take an enterprise-wide approach to provide you with cyber risk insight. Insight that provides the clarity to build cyber resilience in your business, your people, and your strategy. Our view covers nearly every aspect of cyber risk, empowering you to act with agility when approaching your current cyber demands, to be proactive in managing new technologies and operational needs or to respond rapidly when cyber threats emerge. Working together, we can help you, your businesses and our communities see beyond cyber risk and realize possibility in the digital economy.

Gain insight

We help organizations clearly understand, quantify, and manage cyber risk by:

  • Identifying internal and external factors that impact their organization (including third parties and supply chain risk)
  • Providing sector-specific peer benchmarking and competitive analysis
  • Measuring their current cyber strategy ROI

Act with agility

We empower organizations to act with agility when approaching cyber risk demands by helping them to:

  • Train people to manage an incident as a team
  • Learn how to stay alert to new threats
  • Address operational changes, new technologies, or new acquisitions

Build resilience

We help organizations build resilience into their business, people, and strategy by:

  • Translating advice and strategy into program design, implementation, management, and insurance
  • Implementing best-practice from advisors with operational experience in each sector


As specialists in enterprise risk and in cyber, Marsh can help you take an enterprise-wide approach in building your cyber resilience. Together, we identify your risks, and work with you to develop a program tailored to your circumstances. Informing your approach and decision-making process with our 25+ years of cyber experience and data-driven insight. So that your path to cyber resilience can be more productive and predictive and your outcomes more efficient and effective.

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Oliver Wyman

Our team blends experts in cyber, data protection and privacy, operations, industry sectors, regulations and technology, partnering with organizations to identify their biggest risks and amplify new opportunities. We seek to earn our clients’ trust and equip them to deal with the greatest threats associated with the digital era. We help our clients to build digital risk management into the backbone of their business. We show them how to ask the right questions: How can we ensure we are not suddenly left exposed by increased competition or reliance on third parties? What measures can we take to prevent and mitigate reputational risk? How can we protect ourselves against increasingly sophisticated fraud attempts and cyberattacks? How can we work best with regulators and turn compliance into a tactical advantage? In an era of increased threats, our approach boosts resilience across our clients most valuable information assets.

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guy carpenter

Guy Carpenter leverages our global footprint and insights across the Marsh McLennan network to bring you superior placement design, peer benchmarking analysis, market intelligence and industry-transforming affirmative and silent cyber aggregation modeling. Our global team is committed to supporting your growth strategies and is invested in further developing the cyber risk transfer market.

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marsh mclennan cyber risk analytics center

The Marsh McLennan Cyber Risk Analytics Center is an enterprise-wide resource that brings together the cyber risk data and analytics expertise of its Marsh, Guy Carpenter, and Oliver Wyman businesses to provide clients with a comprehensive view of their cyber threats, the maturity and availability of their existing and future controls, and the economic impact of their risk.

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Cyber Resilience Perspectives